For over 30 years, Active Forklift has been there for you with more advanced products and superior services. And we'll be there tomorrow.

We can help you spot small trouble before it causes serious damage. Because we are experts in handling equipment, we know what practices can shorten the life of a lift truck. We can fix what’s wrong, but we’ll also suggest meaningful ways to minimize wear & tear to help reduce future downtime.

Our P/M service is not only the proper changing of fluids and lubrication, but an extensive check system that lets you know the reliability factor or your forklift. If properly followed, it can dramatically decrease emergency downtime.

Why use an outside service? Well, when you figure the overhead expense of supporting a shop area, tools, ongoing training and inventoried parts, it’s easy to see that lift truck maintenance costs are spread throughout many cost centers. Once you tally the costs, present programs begin to make bottom-line sense.

With a maintenance program in place, lift truck uptime should improve dramatically. Our technicians can efficiently run through our checklist and let you know where your lift stands. Together we can work as a team and decided which course of action to take next.

Active Forklift stands ready to help you achieve maximum uptime with the lowest possible operating cost. We hope you see this as an opportunity to work with a reliable and efficient company, while improving your bottom line.


Planned maintenance agreements call for specific service to be performed at regular intervals. These services are influenced by the particular truck that is being serviced. The list below is shown as an example of services performed.
  1. Test drive truck. Check operation of controls.
  2. Clean entire truck with air pressure.
  3. Check air filter and replace as needed.
  4. Check clutch. Check foot and parking brake.
  5. Check for Hydraulic leaks.
  6. Check for engine oil leaks.
  7. Check transmission operation.
  8. Check fan belts, engine running condition, horn, wiring, fuses and all gauges.
  9. Check carburetor & LPG system if equipped.
  10. Check for water leaks at radiator, hoses, water pump, head gasket and core plugs.
  11. Check steering gear and all linkage.
  12. Check oil level in steering post differential housing, transmission and hydraulic tank.
  13. Change engine oil, replace filter.
  14. Lubricate all zerks, check battery and terminals. Top off water.
  15. Check upright assembly, carriage, roller chains, & sprockets and inspect forks.
  16. Check tires for wear and damage.
  17. Visually inspect entire truck for obvious worn parts, damage, broken bolts, etc.
  18. Inspect steering, axle, tire rod ends.
  19. Test drive truck, check operation after P/M.
  20. Advise customer of needed repairs.

with our
Rental Program


All maintenance and service is included.

Bring your effective cost down to $1.81 per hour!

  • Our fleet of delivery trucks will deliver your rental equipment anywhere in our service area. Most equipment can be delivered that same day.
  • We have been in the rental business for many years; our knowledgeable staff and our Material Handling experts will help select the optimum equipment, from our fleet of rental trucks, for your application.
  • Whether you are renting for a short period of time like a day or a week, or a long period of time like a month or more, Active Forklift has what you need when you need it.